About Us




"Hoshoh" is pronounced like "Hor-shore", a name adapted from an African word "Esho" or "Osho". To do "esho" means to dress up in your best and most luxurious clothing with ornaments, jewellery, fineries, ornate fashion accessories. Hoshoh signifies confidence and happiness, we have with timeless style. We believe you can blossom like flowers when you "transform yourself with Hoshoh Accessories.


Hoshoh was established in January 2004 out of a great love for adornments and we have been responsible for providing outstanding accessories ever since. Hoshoh is for all seeking to add that extra finishing touch to their outfits with beautiful adornments or just some sparkles to catch the light and feed the fire.

Here at Hoshoh, we are up to date with the latest fashion trends, ensuring that our products are always current - reflecting and complimenting the current fashion moods whilst giving you the option to maintain your individual styles. Our trend setting objective provides us with a great excuse to spend countless hours scouring the fashion magazines, attending fashion shows and exhibitions around the world for new and exciting finds.

Hoshoh offers you the simplest way to bring your garment up to date or change the look, transforming yourself by accessorizing. Our specialties are in the areas, such as jewellery, hair ornaments, and fashion accessories. Our regular customers particularly value the quality of our carefully designed, handmade or hand finished products sourced from around the world, giving you a truly global experience.


We invite you to share in our love story and transform yourself with Hoshoh Accessories.