Host a Party

Host a Party

Looking for a fun way to get a bunch of your friends together, play dress up, to share your love of jewellery and accessories and for some retail therapy! You supply the venue, the guests, and the refreshments.  You all get to see and handle the products, and Hoshoh Party Agent will show you how they work.  It's a fun and relaxing way to shop while you catch up with friends and perhaps make some new ones. Why not host a Hoshoh Party at a venue of your choice or online - such as a Facebook Hoshoh Party.

A great idea for Hen parties; Girls night in or out; Friday Lunchtime Office Retail Therapy; Birthdays; Engagements Party; Bridal Showers; Baby Showers; Housewarming or cooling; Mother's Day; Post Natal Parties; Valentines Day; Picnic Party, Summer Barbecues, Leaving Parties; Celebrations; Anniversaries; Reunions; Fundraising events; Charity events; And just because get together, we will leave these to your imaginations...

Because the host gets the free gift regardless, we envisage your guests will enjoy the no pressure to buy Hoshoh Party style. We hope that after the experience your guests would like to book their own Hoshoh Parties or visit our online shop in the future.

We want you all to see our most recent designs in a fun, relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the company of family, friends, and colleagues! An opportunity for a close up viewing of our quality, unique and exquisitely designed jewellery and accessories plus the added benefits of the opportunity to try them on. So let your guests pick what catches their eyes from our exquisite jewellery and accessories collection, try it on in front of a mirror and repeat as desired.

All of our unique and handmade or hand finished jewellery and accessories are ready to go home with your guests once they have purchased them. We have all kinds of styles and prices for every taste and budget! Although we encourage no pressure to buy for your guests, we like to share the success of the Hoshoh Party with the host, therefore a percentage of sales will be credited to the host as commission, but this is subject to achieving the minimum sales target, see details in the benefits below.

Benefits of hosting a Hoshoh Party
Hosting a Hoshoh Party is rewarding! A great way to earn £30 worth of free gift from our collection just for hosting, regardless of the amount of money spent by yourself or your guests and also share a great time with your friends, colleagues or/and family! Also, we envisage an everlasting gratitude from your pals; so it is a win, win! Now, that's a great party idea!

As the host, you may get a percentage of all your party sales as commission if you reach sales targets (£300 minimum sales target to qualify). The commission can be used towards your purchases at the end of the party or alternatively, we can give you a credit note for the total amount to use on your Hoshoh online shop account at a later date. In addition, you and your guest will also receive 10% discount on online purchase for a month using your Hoshoh Party e-Voucher coupon code on our website (Terms: all Hoshoh Party e-Vouchers expires one month after party date).

Free Gifts and Discounts you will earn as the Host

  1. Party Sales of £0-£299: You choose £30 worth of free gift from our collection as commission AND receive 10% discount on all online orders for up to a month after the party.
  2. Party Sales of £300-£599: You choose £35 worth of free gift from our collection PLUS a 5% percentage of all party sales as commission AND receive 10% discount on all online orders for up to a month after the party.
  3. Party Sales of £600-£999: You choose £40 worth of free gift from our collection PLUS a 5% percentage of all party sales as commission AND receive 10% discount on all online orders for up to a month after the party.
  4. Party Sales over £1,000: You choose £50 worth of free gift from our collection PLUS a 5% percentage of all party sales as commission AND receive 10% discount on all online orders for up to a month after the party.

Party Guests Special Offers
You and all your guests can also buy a Party Special priced items. These change every month, details of these Promo items will be sent together with the party pack.

How to plan and host a Hoshoh Party
In planning your Hoshoh Party, take an honest look at the space and time available to you, and decide what type of party you have room for and time for. A formal party requires far more planning. When you invite your guests, make sure that you invite people that get along. The more sales at your party, the more rewards for you as host.  You can increase your sales by taking orders from people who cannot come to the party in person, or by combining your home party with an online party for those who cannot come in person.

There's no fee or deposit to host a party, and we recommend a minimum of 10 guests for all Hoshoh Parties, however, larger parties of up to 30 guests can be catered for if you have the room… The party can be held in your home, office or other venues.  An Hoshoh Party invitation and the information pack will be sent to you a week before the agreed date to make it easy to invite and inform all of your guests of your Hoshoh Party. If you would like to co-host with another friend to get a larger group together that is okay also.

Here are some Tips for hosting a successful Hoshoh Party:

  • invite as many people as you can think of and manage.
  • fancy dress can be fun, you can ask your guest to dress up, let us know the theme so that our Hoshoh Party Agent can join in with the dressing up.
  • encourage them to visit our online shop and pre-order items they will like to view to ensure the items are available to them on the day of the party, but you can also keep an element of surprise by not offering this option.
  • encourage friends to bring a friend or two, an opportunity to increase your network.
  • more attendance is more the opportunity for you to reach sales targets which in turn benefits you.
  • provide some drinks, food, (remember to ask for dietary needs): appetizers, nibbles - include healthy options, music, background movie - volume turned silent, etc.
  • provide explicit directions to your home or location of the party to ensure guests arrive with ease - these can be included in the invitation for guests if your invitation is sent with a link to a map so that guests can print-out directions.
  • inform guests of when the party will start and that if they wish to arrive early, that they may mingle and snack but to be respectful of our need for set-up time.
  • provide a well-lit area with enough space for multiple guests to view and try on the exquisite jewellery and accessories, as well as an area where they can mingle away from the display (a large table is great and don't forget the mirrors).

On the Day of the Hoshoh Party
Hoshoh Party Agent will arrive 2 hours before the party is due to start to set up.

  1. Payments, we accept cash, credit cards and personal cheques with associated cheque cards.
  2. Our no quibble terms and conditions apply to all Hoshoh Party events.​​

Book Early...
Interested in hosting a Hoshoh Party, getting together with a few of your good friends...for dressing up session, great conversation, fun, catch up, not to forget gossip, a wonderful and refreshing way to spend the morning, afternoon, evening or day... Contact us to book a Hoshoh Party, we require at least 2 weeks notice before the actual party date.


Online Hoshoh Party!
Yes, a Hoshoh Party can be virtual. Your guests "attend" and earn you great rewards by simply placing an order directly using your unique party code on our online shop or our facebook page shop from anywhere in the UK or indeed the world! No need for you to clean the house or organise refreshments. You still get all the party rewards. Here's how it works:

  • you decide the start date and duration of your party (at least 2 weeks notice before planned party date).
  • invite your guests using Facebook events page or email. 
  • if your guests use Facebook, they can order through our facebook page shop using your unique party code.
  • 2 weeks after the party ends, we will calculate your rewards. See the party rewards above. The rewards for an online party are exactly the same as for a home/venue party. 
  • your guests' can place orders, through you which we will deliver to you free of charge, or orders they place directly will be delivered to them directly. (If your guests placed orders directly, we will deliver to them at our normal delivery fee).
  • we respect you and your guests' privacy, and we will not be adding anyone to our mailing list, unless they specifically choose to sign up, and will not be contacting them about hosting a party.


We cover the whole of London and surrounding areas. Interested in hosting a Hoshoh Party? Contact us at Hoshoh Accessories and let's party!


Hoshoh Charity Parties
Hoshoh hosts a couple of Hoshoh Open Parties in aid of Breast Cancer Research every year, dates will be announced. 10% of all sales during these events are donated to Cancer Research UK. Join us for a great experience and worthwhile cause. Contact us to reserve your place today, stating the location of the event you would like to attend.

Future Dates of Hoshoh Open Parties in aid of Charity
(Dates to be Confirmed)


Are you interested in becoming Hoshoh Party Agent? We are looking to expand our local program in the future by adding additional independent agents across the country. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or looking for a part-time job or you are just a host/hostess with the mostest, contact us today for more information on this exciting opportunity.