Security of Hoshoh online shop is of the utmost importance; therefore our website uses 1&1 eCommerce solution with security features in place to give both parties peace of mind and prepare us for Trusted Shop Certification. Transactions on our online shop are secured by powerful SSL encryption, so data sent between our site and the server are encrypted, thus protected from hacking by third parties.

Hoshoh obtaining Trustmark is one of our aspirations, Trustmark is obtained after extensive and thorough tests and audit of the online business that includes security, transparency, buyer protection amongst many other criteria. The Trustmark scheme by Trusted Shop is the well-known internet seal of approval for online shops that will reassure your customers with an added trust and buyer protection when making a purchase from online businesses.

Trusted Shops has been the Trustmark for e-commerce in Europe for 15 years. Trusted Shops is the only trust solution that integrates customer reviews, product reviews, the Trustmark and the money-back guarantee for your customers. We may contact you from time to time to review our service and products, so we appreciate your reviews and feedbacks, you can use the Trust badge. The Trust badge (bottom right corner) integrated into our website will allow you to provide feedbacks on your experiences with us and reviews. The Trust badge also show visitors to our latest customer review, star-rating, and our average shop rating.

PCI DSS Compliant
SagePay and PayPal are both 
PCI DSS Compliant. PCI DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, and this is a worldwide standard that was set up to help businesses process card payments securely and reduce card fraud. The way it does this is through tight controls surrounding the storage, transmission, and processing of cardholder data that businesses handle. PCI DSS is intended to protect sensitive cardholder data.

Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for us during your online transaction with us. Therefore information transmitted on our online shop is strongly encrypted. We use 
SagePay payment system for your credit card transactions, Sage Pay has the highest level of card data security (PCI DSS Level 1 compliant) so our customers can trade with peace of mind and shoppers are protected against fraud.

Between 2001 and 2003 Sage Pay became accredited by all the major banks including Lloyds TSB, Cardnet, Bank of Scotland, Barclays Merchant Services, HSBC, Natwest Streamline, American Express, Diners Card, JCB, and Euroconex to provide secure online payments. Sage Pay is known as one of the most trusted payment companies in Europe.

We offer PayPal Express Checkouts through SagePay and PayPal directly to give customers the options for easy, convenient and safe payment without exposing your credit or debit card details, using only their email address. PayPal offers customers the added benefits of Buyer Protection in addition to security (PayPal is also PCI DSS compliant).

3-D Secure Protocol Credit / Debit Cards Online
Amex SafeKey, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa payment options are the 3-D Secure protocol we offer through our SagePay Payment Processing, works with most browsers and your password and SecureCode is not shared with us, the store/retailer and using it is as easys. Please be aware that some browsers may prevents pop-up windows that can interfere with you using Amex SafeKey, MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa.


Amex SafeKey
SafeKey uses the latest 3-D® Secure technology to help protect against fraud, and confirm it's really you making a payment on your American Express Card in our shop. We offer Amex SafeKey on our online shop to prevent fraud and ensure safety by employing 3-D Secure payment authentication, however we also accept Amex cards not erolled for SafeKey.

MasterCard SecureCode
We offer 
MasterCard SecureCode on our online shop, this service enhances the security of using your existing MasterCard card online protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants like us.

Verified by Visa
We offer 
Verified by Visa, so your personal assurance message tells you that the bank or organisation that issued your Visa card is asking for your password. Verified by Visa ensures that both you and us. We also accept normal Visa card if you are not yet registered for Verified by Visa service.

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